The Ultimate Room By Room Packing Checklist

The Ultimate Room By Room Packing Checklist

Mess around every corner? Oh, you must be in the middle of packing for the relocation process. And yes, it’s really a huge mess – in your living space, in your schedule and probably in your head, too. But, no need to worry. We think we can help you with this. Say hello to the ultimate room by room packing checklist and find your getaway form this tricky situation.

Things you should always start with

  • Start moving preparations on time. As soon as you decide on your moving date, you need to start preparing for it. Remember, it’s never too early to start packing your household.
  • Deal with decluttering. The first pre-packing step is, of course, decluttering. Gather all the strength you have and decide what the things that you really need in your new home are.
  • Find all the packing supplies in advance. Get all the box types, wrapping paper for fragile items, labels, and tapes. Don’t let yourself be caught in the middle of packing with not enough boxes that you need right away.
  • Ask for help. Well, this is something you won’t make it without. A man and van moving company and a couple of friends will be your perfect pick here. What’s more, there are places like Moving Guide, where you can get all the relocation information you may need in no time.

Storage areas – top-ranked on a room by room packing checklist



Packing your tools is not an easy tack at all.


Storage areas are definitely the number one rooms when it comes to the effort you need for the packing process.

First, take care of all the gas-powered equipment and power tools. Drain the fuel from every gas-powered item. Remove all the detachable parts of the tools. Use wrapping supplies and other protective covers to make sure your tools are safe from any kind of damage. Finally, it would be perfect to relocate all these items in their original boxes. If you still have them, of course. But, if you don’t you can use some other box of similar size.

When it comes to hand tools, the wrapping material is still very important. Here, packing in the original box is the best option as well, but there is no harm in gathering all hand tools in one strong medium-sized box and relocating them together.

Another important thing to remember is to consult your chosen man and van company about the items that are forbidden for transportation, since storage areas usually contain some.

Packing your kitchen

Now, a kitchen is in second place of our room by room moving preparation checklist. The tricky part here is dealing with the dishes. Plates, glasses, cups, bowls – those are all fragile items that need careful packing treatment. It is crucial to wrap every dish separately. You can use packing paper or even some old newspapers. What’s more, when you place them in the appropriate box, it would be good if you add some extra pieces of paper to fill the free space. Finally, as the last precaution measure, label the box with FRAGILE marking. In this case, finding an experienced moving company would give you some extra protection, too. This means you can completely rely on their attention with your breakable items.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the original box with some extra padding is the perfect solution. However, if you, by some chance, don’t have a habit of keeping those boxes, it is good to find another box that is sturdy enough and of appropriate size.

Person putting a dish in wrapping paper.

Protect all the breakable items well.


And now the living room

This is probably the largest room in your home. Thus, it will take up a large piece of your room by room packing checklist. Pieces of furniture should be well protected and carefully placed into the moving van. Then, there comes the question of electronics. They are best transported in the box they originally came in since it already has all the necessary protection. Don’t forget to take a photo of all the cables before you disconnect them. This will make re-connection much easier later on.

And when it comes to the relocation of your artwork and other decoration elements, there are some extra tips as well. Paintings and pictures can be transported in special picture boxes you can ask your man and van moving team for. Cautious wrapping, some extra layers of wrapping paper, FRAGILE markings, and careful loading are extremely important here as well.

Bedrooms and children’s rooms

Furniture elements like beds, dressers, and wardrobes should be transported in one piece if they are smaller, and carefully disassembled if they are too big. It is good to put pillows, blankets, and sheets in clean plastic bags and label them properly. Then there comes the question of clothes. Again, a lot of work to be done, but it’s good to know they are not breakable items, right? Sort out your clothes, fold or roll them, and place them into boxes or in your suitcases.

Then, the children’s room is next on the packing checklist. Honestly speaking, your little ones need special treatment during the relocation period. As you know you need to prepare them well.

To make the whole process less stressful for your kids, postpone the packing of their toys for as long as possible. When the moment comes, pack them with care and remember to wrap those that seem breakable well. One more thing – don’t forget to leave out your children’s favorite toys and pack them with their essentials on moving day.

Woman unpacking from boxes.

Use the opportunity and declutter your wardrobe.



And the last, but not least on our home packing checklist is the bathroom. Choosing this room the last one to prepare for the move is logical since this is the place you will definitely use up to the last day in your old home.

Get rid of all the bathroom items and products that are expired. Pack the still usable ones in plastic or toiletry bags, and be careful with those that can possibly spill. Remember to wrap the fragile ones in towels to protect them, just in case.

And that would be it! Once you have packed the last room in your home, your man and van relocation team can move you to your next destination. Have a safe drive and enjoy your new home!



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The Ultimate Room By Room Packing Checklist


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