What To Do While Movers Are Moving ?

What to do while movers are moving?


Relocations can be quite hectic. Especially when your movers arrive and start going about their work. If you hire a friendly man and van team, this whole process is going to be a lot easier. But there are still things that you can do in order to make it even more enjoyable. Yes, there is work involved, but that is no reason for everyone not to enjoy themselves. In this article, we are going to talk about what you can do while your movers are moving your items if you want to make the most of your relocation experience.

Be a good host

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To provide the best moving experience for both you and your movers, here’s what you can do:

  • Provide enough snacks and drinks
  • Prepare the bathroom
  • Turn on the AC
  • Welcome your moving crew

Welcome your moving crew and provide snacks and drinks

How you greet your movers might set the tone for the whole relocation process. If you are friendly and smiling, they will respond in kind. They will pick up from your body language and behave the way they think they should around you. After that, depending on the type of your move, you may want to have enough food and drink for your crew and yourself. A couple of seconds to grab a snack or a water bottle provides a valuable mental and physical boost.


Various snacks and drinks on the table


Prepare the bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, make sure that there is enough soap in there, as well as plenty of disposable towels. Simple as that.

Turn on the AC

Finally, you may want to turn the AC on even before your movers arrive, but don’t set it too low. Having a large temperature disparity between the outside and inside is fine if you don’t plan on leaving your home, but can be quite dangerous if you are constantly moving in and out, which your movers will do.

Set the thermostat to 78 degrees and everything will be fine. While it may be something that you are not used to, this temperature provides optimal working conditions and will not create a large gap between the outside and inside temperature.

Obviously, if you are moving in extreme heat conditions, set the thermostat a bit higher.

Think of everyone’s safety!

When considering moving safety, first check if there are any obstacles along the paths where you expect your movers to go. For example, the walkways themselves should not have any debris. That includes mud, water, snow, etc. Your man and van team will be able to spot any danger immediately and correct it for you, but it never hurts to be cautious.


If you have small children, it is best to have them somewhere safe, out of the way of moving efforts. In fact, this is something that you might want to put on your moving checklist: finding someone to care for your child on moving day. This way, you will be free to focus on whatever you need to do, without the distraction that a small child brings.


A kid playing with a teddy bear



Also, make sure that your pets are not free to run around the house as they please while the moving crew is about their work. The nature of carrying large and bulky items provides a danger zone for your pets. It is best to have them at a friend’s house, neighbour’s house, or a safe room.

Be present and, if needed, offer assistance

It is important to be present on moving day. There may be issues that require your help and you can’t provide it if you are not there. For the most part, your man and van removers will take care of everything and not require much input. But you may want to provide further, on-the-spot, instructions. After all, you know best the specifics of your items and any such input is invaluable to a moving crew.

Tip your movers (if you want)

  • Tipping is not something that you have to do. But it is a nice thing to do if you are satisfied with your mover’s performance. It will not inflate the removal costs that much and can put a really big smile on someone else’s face. Here are some of the situations where you might consider:
    • No tips – If you are unsatisfied with the work your movers are doing, definitely do not tip them for tipping sake. Do let them know what was wrong so that they don’t make the same mistake again.
    • Normal/standard tips – A job well-done sometimes warrants a tip. Your movers have their hourly rates and a tip is not something that they expect but giving them around $5 per hour per mover is considered a good tipping amount. Of course, feel free to adjust this to anything you feel is adequate.
    • High/generous tipsIf your movers had a really hard time, due to unpredictable circumstances, or did an outstanding job, you may wish to reward such efforts with a generous tip. Anything above $8 per hour per mover can be considered generous.


What to do while movers are moving? Prepare a tip!


Use your free time to relax and/or run some errands

Hiring man and van relocation services means you will have plenty of time on your hands. That, in turn, means that you are free to run errands or even take some time to relax properly. You will need energy for what is to come, and this is the perfect time to restore some of it.


What to do while movers are moving?

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