Tips For Renting a Moving Van

People who are experienced with moving or simply want to save some money on relocation services, decide to rent a moving van when relocating. This can be a great option, however, you need to be well-prepared for this venture. We’ve gathered all the useful tips for renting a  moving van and planning your relocation this way. Being informed and organised will ensure that everything goes smoothly and without any stress.

Renting a moving van – can you do it on your own?

DIY moves are generally more affordable – if everything goes as planned. At the same time, they carry more risks. If you don’t have the right skills and equipment, you can end up damaging something while loading and transporting your belongings, or even hurting yourself. In that case, man and van moving services are a much better option. As you’re renting a truck with a skilful professional experienced in loading and protecting the items, the level of stress is much lower and the risk is minimised.


If you rent a quality moving van and hire the right team, no move is too big or too difficult to handle.

If you rent a quality moving van and hire the right team, no move is too big or too difficult to handle.


Moving long-distance?

If you’re moving long-distance, the relocation gets more complicated and surely requires reliable, professional help. An expert team will help you with moving from a totally different culture, like Japan, without you worrying about every little detail. A quick and safe relocation will be the priority, so you can focus more on adapting to the new environment and the new culture.

How to choose the best moving van?

When renting a moving van, one of the main priorities should be picking the right one for your needs. You don’t want to pick the one that’s too large or too small and cause additional moving challenges. First of all, check what sizes of the truck you can choose from – contact the moving company or visit their website to inform more about your options.


Next, estimate the size of your move. One of the most common mistakes people make is underestimating the number of moving boxes and furniture. Renting a van smaller than you need can cost you more than planned. Therefore, try to be realistic when calculating the size of your move, and always go with a truck slightly bigger than you think you will need.


Things often take more space once you load and pack them, so it’s best to have more space in the van. If you’re not sure how to load the van properly, man and van services might be a good solution. These professionals are experienced in packing and will load the truck safely, and use the space in the truck more efficiently.

Avoid unpleasant surprises

The moving business has grown a lot in the past years, offering many good companies. However, that has also given a chance to fraudulent companies to ‘operate’, so you need to be very careful when choosing the right one. To avoid surprising costs and other unpleasant situations, make sure you’re dealing with a professional with a lot of satisfied customers. Check online reviews, ask people you know for a recommendations, and talk openly to the company’s representatives – ask about everything you need to know.

The back of a moving van.

It’s essential that you pick the right size of the vehicle when renting a moving van – all of your belongings need to be on board.


What’s the cost of renting a moving van?

Even though renting a moving van and delivering your items on your own is more affordable, it’s certainly not very cheap. People are often surprised by the final balance, so to avoid that, make sure your budget is ready for the move. We advise making a moving budget in advance – a list of all the costs related to the move. The price of renting a moving van depends on the size, as well as the distance and time you need to transport your belongings.


However, there are some additional costs that people often forget when planning the move – gas, insurance, tolls (if you’re using the highway), moving supplies, etc. It’s good to inform yourself of what’s included in the price of renting a moving van, and then add all the extra costs you’ll have during this process.

Stay safe when driving a moving van

When transporting your items safely, it’s not only about renting a moving van. It’s about driving the truck safely to the new address. If you haven’t driven a van before, make sure you prepare for it, since it’s quite different than your everyday car drive. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth drive to your new home:

  • take your time to get to know the vehicle. Don’t just sit and drive – make sure you get to know all the controls, adjust the mirrors, your seat, and check the way the truck works. Even though it may seem like ‘just driving’, every vehicle is different and you should get accustomed to it.
  • inspect your route – think about the way to reach your new home, and if possible, choose the easiest and the least busy itinerary. It’s best to avoid one-way and narrow streets, as well as busy crossroads.
  • respect the speed limit – it’s best to take it slow and stay safe when driving a vehicle like this for the first time.
  • don’t forget you’re driving a van – A moving van can be much larger than the car you are used to driving. That’s why you should remember to slow down when making turns, keep a greater distance between you and other vehicles, and finally – bring fewer people with you. It’s okay to drive one or two people, depending on the size of the van.


A truck in the nature

Bigger vehicles are more powerful, and require extra attention when driving them.


As you can see, renting a moving van is not as simple as one might think. There are certain precautions and other things to think about. Luckily, you can avoid all of that by hiring someone experienced to help you out. This leaves you with more time to prepare for the whole moving process and surely worry less about the safety of your items.

Tips for renting a moving van

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